This is Fukuda of the TAILORS WORLD editorial department.

EXCY FORMAL offers one-of-a-kind custom processing of formal accessories.

However, we understand that there may be some people who are having trouble finding the required length of fabric when they are thinking about ordering a one-of-a-kind formal accessory.
Today, we would like to provide you with information on the required lengths for bow ties and cummerbunds, which are the most frequently ordered items.

For bow tie.

This is a pattern for a bow tie used as a standard in EXCY FORMAL.
Size: 11.5cm x 5cm width with a 50cm neck cord.
The parts of the paper pattern are 3 types.

When actually applied to the fabric.

*Another part for the feather is needed.

If the neck cord is made of suture fabric, you will need 5cm of fabric + the length of the neck cord.
This fabric is made of narrow (47cm) silk.
Since the neck tie can only be taken on the warp side, you will need +5cm of fabric to go up the neck tie, which means that the total length of one bow tie is +5cm. The length required for one bow tie is approximately 55 cm.

This time, the neck strap is taken horizontally to save fabric.

Silk jacquard fabric with a fabric width of 1 m is used.

Since two feather parts are required, the space between the neck strap and the wings is left open, but if the neck strap is taken horizontally with a wide fabric, one bow tie can be taken with approximately 25 cm.

For cummerbund.

Next is the pattern for the cummerbund.
We will use the standard size M (for waist sizes of approximately 80cm~90cm).
The cummerbund pattern also has three parts.

Raw ground used: 106 拝絹地 (raw ground towel 47cm)

In this case, we will use the middle folds and the triangular part attached to the sides of the fabric.
The triangular part is used on both sides, so two pieces are taken.

To make an EXCY FORMAL M size cummerbund, you will need about 40 cm of fabric.
This length is required for cummerbund regardless of the width of the fabric.

This time we have used EXCY FORMAL’s standard to guide you through the essentials of a bow tie and cummerbund.
We hope this will be helpful when making formal accessories to order.

We also offer sewing services for customers who bring in their own fabrics.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

In addition, if you are a corporation and would like to request an OEM/ODM for formal accessories, a separate estimate for a large order, or a sales representative to contact you, please feel free to contact us from here.↓↓↓

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