This is Sugama of the TAILORS WORLD editorial department. In this issue, I have written about the origin of wedding accessories and the names of wedding anniversaries. Each of the ancient customs and lore born from the wish for the bride’s happiness has its own meaning.

Something Four

It is also mentioned in a song by the legendary fairy tale writer Mother Goose, and it is believed that if a bride wears it on her wedding day, she will have a lifetime of happiness.

Something Blue

It is said that if you wear something blue, you will be happy. Blue is the symbolic color of the Virgin Mary and represents purity.

Something New

It is said that wearing something new will make you happy. Generally, people wear something new and white, such as satin long gloves.

Something Old

Something old. It is said that wearing a traditional ancestral item or a piece of jewelry given to you by a family member will make you happy.

Something Borrow

Something borrowed. It is said that by borrowing belongings from a friend or neighbor who is happily married, you can take advantage of their happiness.

6 pence coin

It appears in a song by Mother Goose, and is one of the oldest traditions in Western Europe that if a six-pence silver coin is placed in the bride’s left shoe, the two will live in perpetual abundance.

wedding veil

In the olden days, the wedding veil was supposed to protect the bride from the devil before the wedding ceremony, and the custom of wearing a veil covering the bride’s entire body has been handed down to the present day, with the veil longer than the length of the dress worn for formal ceremonial wear. The veil is supposed to cover the bride’s face as she enters, and then the bridegroom lifts the veil to protect her afterwards. This is the reason why the bride does not wear a veil to her wedding reception or after-party dress.

Bouquet & boutonniere ・corsage

The bouquet is said to have originated when a man proposed to his beloved by picking a wild flower and offering it to her, and the boutonniere is said to have originated when a woman responded by inserting a single flower from her hand into the man’s chest. Corsages are said to be worn when one wants to express one’s respect or joy for the other person, and the corsage on the chest of the attendants expresses the thought of blessing the marriage.

Wedding anniversary

The most commonly heard names for wedding anniversaries are the silver wedding for the 25th anniversary and the golden wedding for the 50th anniversary, but in reality there are numerous names given to these anniversaries.

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