In recent times, fashion in the business scene has diversified, no longer limited to just suits, reflecting various lifestyle changes. Among them, the popularity of jersey suits that offer both comfort and a casual yet refined look seems to be soaring. This time, let’s explore Matsubara Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of such jersey suit fabrics, and introduce some of their lineup (though it’s only a partial selection).

I am Yu Yamamoto, Editor of TAILORS WORLD.

About Matsubara Co., Ltd.

Matsubara Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focused on developing functional materials and handling planning and sales. Established in 1979, it’s headquartered in Osaka. What sets Matsubara apart is its dedication to stretch fabrics, even before they became commonplace. They offer a wide range of stretch fabrics, from standard to unique varieties. If you’re in search of stretch materials, this is a manufacturer worth noting.

Among Matsubara’s lineup, the VISLY® series stands out. It uses rare viscose yarn, offering a smooth texture akin to cashmere or silk. While materials like cashmere and silk can be challenging to handle, VISLY® combines luxury with stretch, allowing for relaxed yet luxurious items—a perfect fit for current trends.

Recommended Fabrics

AW34087 VISLY® Twill

A best-selling stretch fabric from Matsubara, part of the VISLY® series. It features a high blend of rare viscose yarn, offering a smooth texture and sheen similar to cashmere or silk. With stretch both vertically and horizontally, it’s highly versatile—a must-try staple for those seeking stretch fabrics.

ZL302840 meryl®

A soft tricot fabric with a smooth texture, utilizing meryl microfiber, boasting 25% better quick-drying properties than cotton and UV-cut functionality. It’s lightweight, soft, and highly stretchable—ideal for those seeking comfort and flexibility.

ZL329-900 Comfort Double Knit

An extremely soft and comfortable double knit fabric. It maintains a soft touch without using monofilament, offering both comfort and the characteristic puffiness of double knits. It’s versatile across seasons, particularly recommended for relaxed wear.


This fabric utilizes ROICA, a premium stretch fiber from Asahi Kasei. With excellent stretch and recovery properties, it ensures comfortable wear even after production. A staple material for Matsubara’s bottoms.

WD3081 Comfortable Tricot

Another staple jersey fabric from Matsubara, made from a blend of nylon and polyurethane. It boasts moisture-wicking and cooling properties, making it perfect for summer and sportswear. It’s a versatile material suitable for both tops and bottoms.


A stretch fabric with cooling and moisture-wicking properties, using Toray’s nylon microfiber, BODYCOOL® EX. It offers excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying, along with a cool touch upon contact—highly recommended for its comfort.

WD8008 Colorful Fleece

A fleece-backed jersey fabric suitable for autumn and winter. Despite being fleece-lined, it retains Matsubara’s characteristic high stretch. It offers excellent insulation, making it perfect for tops, jackets, and pants in colder seasons.


Matsubara’s eco-series fabric, a double-woven fabric made from recycled polyester. It combines a smooth texture with high fabric quality, offering sustainability without compromising on comfort.


A stretch fabric containing linen, combining linen’s texture with stretchability. Ideal for those who desire both the texture of linen and the softness and flexibility—recommended for various uses.


A distinctive leather-like stretch fabric, featuring surface texture and gloss reminiscent of real leather. Despite being eco-leather, it offers stretch, a unique offering from Matsubara. As eco-leather becomes more common, expect to see an increase in leather-like items with stretch options.


What do you think? This time, we introduced Matsubara, specializing in stretch fabrics. With recent trends emphasizing a mix of luxury and relaxation, Matsubara offers a diverse range of stretch materials perfectly suited to these trends.

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