Introducing TOSHIN Corporation, a yarn manufacturer with a 60-year history since its establishment.

I am Yu Yamamoto, a member of the TAILORS WORLD editorial team.

Company Profile

Beginning as a manufacturer and wholesaler of silk yarns, we now handle a wide range of products including functional fibers, wool yarns, and textile interior products, and have established an unshakable position as one of the leading sewing thread manufacturers and distributors in the textile industry.
TOSHIN’s proud technology has contributed to the improvement of clothing culture through sewing threads, for which we received the Science and Technology Agency’s official award in 1989

We have been spinning yarns for more than half a century, and we have a technology that only TOSHIN can offer.
TOSHIN Corporation was founded in 1959 as a twisting yarn company in the local industry of the Hambara district of Aikawa Town, located slightly north of the central part of Kanagawa Prefecture. The twisting yarn industry in the Hambara area has a history of about 200 years and has developed together with the region as a local industry in Kanagawa.
The twisting industry has developed in this area because of its location near Yokohama, a raw silk supplier, and Tokyo, a major consumption center, in addition to its blessed geographical location with many rivers and streams, and has developed as a “twisting village” representing Japan.
TOSHIN will continue to provide high-quality, low-cost yarns to our customers with the know-how and reliable technology of twisting yarns that we have cultivated since our establishment.
We also offer yarn purchasing, special yarns, and custom-made production, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Characteristics of Silk Yarn

Silk, it has enchanted women all over the world, and scientists all over the world have tried to create it.
Why was such a big deal made of the temporary home of a single moth when it was an ordinary moth larva? Because it was beautiful.
It was beautiful because it did not resemble cotton or linen, not even wool had the beauty of silk.
The unique luster, smoothness, strength, etc. come from the quality of the raw yarn, which is a natural filament yarn.
It is a natural filament yarn. Its strength is slightly inferior to synthetic yarns, but it has a high Young’s modulus, low shrinkage, and excellent sewability.


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You can download a color sample book of Kinhidori silk yarns in PDF format from TOSHIN’s website.