Do you use different sizes of hand sewing needles, sewing machine needles, etc.?
When I first started to step on a sewing machine (when I was a student), I sewed without paying much attention to needle size, so I often experienced eye skipping and other phenomena.
Through our company’s manufacturing, we have learned that a single needle can make a difference in the quality of a product, and we are now working with a focus on needles.

In this issue, I will write about this needle, which is indispensable for manufacturing.
I am Yu Yamamoto, a member of the TAILORS WORLD editorial team.

Needle History

Needles have a long history; needles made of bone and horn have been found among Paleolithic artifacts.

In Europe, it was even invented in Siberia 30,000 to 40,000 years ago. In China, the needle was once considered a weapon and was used as a dark instrument. It is said to have been used as a tool for assassination, hidden under a sleeve and thrown at an opponent on the spur of the moment, or as a weapon for self-defense. The needle as we know it today originated in China and came to Japan from Europe through Korea. 

Needle Types and Uses

There are different types of needles.

There are sewing machine needles, hand sewing needles (meriken needles), embroidery needles, and special needles. Needle thickness, needle hole size, and length vary depending on the number, so they are used according to the material and application.

Sewing Needle

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Types of Sewing Machine Needles 

TypePart Number
Sewing Machine Needles for Home UseHA (flat type)
Industrial Sewing NeedlesDB(Round) HL(Flat)


No.7Used especially for thin fabrics
No.9Used for thin fabrics
No.10Used for ordinary fabrics
No.11Used for ordinary fabrics
No.14Used for thicker fabrics
No.16Used especially for thick fabrics
No.18Used especially for thick fabrics

Sewing Needle

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Types of hand sewing needles (meriken needles)

4For drilling
5For drilling
6For drilling
7For thick cloth training
8For festivals on thick fabrics, For festivals on regular fabrics
9For festivals and tacking on regular and light fabrics

In particular, the length of the needle is related to the size of your hand, so it is important to make it the length that is most comfortable for you.

Leather Sewing Needle

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Circular and triangular needles


Circular needles

These needles are used to thread the thread through the holes.
The tip of the needle is rounded and will not damage the leather. Circular needles are used for sewing leather along the stitching line made by eye stitching.

Deltoid (needle)

It has a sharp, knife-like tip and is used for soft or thin leather. It is characterized by its ability to sew while directly piercing holes with a triangular needle.