This is Fukuda of the TAILORS WORLD editorial department.

Suspenders are very popular in our company, but we often receive inquiries and questions about “size”.
We have received many inquiries and questions about the “size” of our suspenders, so we would like to explain how to choose the right size for you.

Suspenders sold in retail stores and department stores are only available in one size. However, the sizes vary depending on the manufacturer and specifications. Most of them sell suspenders in the range of 100cm~115cm in total length as a free size. This 15cm difference is about 3 sizes in terms of belt size. In our online store, we have also heard from customers who were worried about whether their size would fit, or who purchased a belt thinking it was a free size, but it did not fit.

We would like to explain how to choose the right size for you so that you can select the perfect suspender for your needs.


What is the total length of the suspender from where to where?

The most common is the length from the clasp (strap or clip) to the clasp, but ALBERT THURSTON’s most common 2-in-1 type (with both strap and clip) is based on the distance from the base of the clasp to the base of the clasp. This is because the lengths of the strap and clip are different and vary depending on the clasp being worn.

2.Where on the body are the measurements taken?

It is the distance from the front waist of the pants through the shoulders to the back waist.

Suspenders can be worn if the length adjustment bracket is attached to the belt and this dimension is shorter than the total length of the desired suspenders.

3.What is the ideal length?

If the distance from the front waist of the pants to the back waist through the shoulders and the total length of the suspenders are exactly the same length, the adjusting hardware will be just at the clasp, and if the difference is too large, it will go to the shoulders. This is like wearing the belt with the hole at the very end. If you want to wear the belt with a more true-to-size fit, the ideal position of the adjusting bracket should be at the chest level.

This is roughly the formula below.

Suspender total length = distance dimension from the front waist of the pants to the back waist through the shoulders + about 10~20cm

This is a little higher.

The dimensions will vary depending on the depth of the inseam of the pants to be matched. A deep crotch is shorter and a shallow crotch is longer. Beltless slacks have a deep inseam, but most casual pants such as denim and slacks with a tight silhouette have a shallow inseam.

If the inseam is different by 5 cm, the WSW dimension will change by 10 cm since the front and back are 5 cm each. Please be careful when using pants with different silhouettes, such as for suits and casual wear.

It is best to try on and match the garments, but if you are purchasing through a mail order site, please use this as a reference.

In addition, if you are a corporation and would like to request an OEM/ODM for formal accessories, a separate estimate for a large order, or a sales representative to contact you, please feel free to contact us from here.↓↓↓

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