I’m Fukuda from the TAILORS WORLD editorial team. Today, I’d like to introduce popular men’s formal accessories from EXCY FORMAL in 2023, excluding OEM, custom, and made-to-order items. Here are the top picks:

Woven Silk Pocket Square White CF-1-W

Crafted in Japan using silk twill from Ishikawa Prefecture, this pocket square exudes elegance with its supple texture and refined luster. Available in 11 colors, suitable for formal and business occasions.

X-Clip Type Suspenders Black SR-102

Ideal for formal wear, these black suspenders feature quality Japanese clips to protect the fabric. The X-shaped design has two front and two back clips, ensuring a secure fit.


A popular choice, these black plain ALBERT THURSTON suspenders are versatile for formal and business settings. Available in M and XL sizes to accommodate various body types.

Butterfly Bow Tie Black Plain BF-106

Crafted from premium silk from Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, this bow tie is perfect for tuxedos. With A-type (5cm width), B-type (6.5cm width), C-type (folded like a hand-tied bow tie), and D-type (butterfly wing-inspired), it offers diverse styling options.

Cummerbund Black Plain CM-106

Made from the same Fujiyoshida silk as BF-106, this cummerbund complements the bow tie. Many customers opt for a set of both.

Wing Collar Shirt White Plain ST-503

Tailored in a Tokyo-based specialized factory, this wing collar shirt is perfect for morning coats and director’s suits. Available in neck sizes 37cm to 45cm with a 1cm pitch and sleeve lengths of 79cm, 81cm, 83cm, and 85cm.

These six items were frequently chosen in 2023, presenting a strong preference for simple and classic pieces. We hope this serves as a valuable reference for your product lineup and selections.

In addition, if you are a corporation and would like to request an OEM/ODM for formal accessories, a separate estimate for a large order, or a sales representative to contact you, please feel free to contact us from here.↓↓↓

B to B apparel materials as we mentioned above. ↓↓↓