This is Sugama of the TAILORS WORLD editorial department. In this issue, Here is a brief summary of the rules and dress for formal wear, which are frequently inquired about by our customers.

The Relationship between Time and Dress and Japanese Formal Culture

Morning coat as formal wear in the morning, tuxedo as formal wear in the evening, etc.

Internationally, there are formal rules for formal wear worn at different times of the day.

How about in Japan?

In Japan, unlike overseas, formal wear is worn in few occasions

Mainly weddings and receptions are the mainstream.

Therefore, most Japanese people have little knowledge of formal wear rules.

At weddings, the father of the bride and groom generally wears a morning coat, and there is little awareness of the time of day or night.

There are some who are faithful to the rules and wear a tuxedo if the wedding ceremony or reception is held in the evening, but these are very few compared to those overseas.

This is a uniquely Japanese culture, and I do not intend to deny it at all, but I think it is important to know the official rules.

Tuxedo with bow tie and cummerbund. Or…?

A tuxedo called a black tie is usually worn with a black bow tie and cummerbund.

We recommend a tuxedo made of the same material as the beautiful shiny material called haikenji used for the collar of the tuxedo.

For a casual party, it is also fashionable to use a color other than black, such as engine, gray, or a patterned material.

We also recommend a black vest with a deep U-neckline and V-zone instead of a cummerbund.

Is a belt taboo on formal trousers?

Suspenders are always used with tuxedo and morning attire.

Most rental stores in Japan use clip-on suspenders, but if possible, suspenders should be worn with a full-fledged suspender button for a beautiful and fashionable silhouette.

A normal belt is taboo, so avoid using one with belt loops.

Where on the trousers should the buttons for suspenders be sewn?

We often receive questions from our customers about the position of buttons for suspenders, so we would like to explain it to you.

Let me explain the position of the buttons.

Normally, the buttons are placed on the inside of the pants, so this explanation is based on that.

First of all, the buttons are placed in the center of the back (where the seam is). Sew one button on each side of the 2.5cm lower part of the back part (the part with the seam). (The distance between the left and right buttons is 10 cm).

Next, on the right side of the front section, place one button 2.5 cm below the extension of the trouser crease (roughly at the position of the first lube) and one button 8 cm to the side.

Attach two buttons to the left side of the front in the same way as for the right side.

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