Scissors are one of the most important tools for tailors.
In this issue, we would like to share with you a little story about the roots of scissors in Japan.

I am Yu Yamamoto, a member of the TAILORS WORLD editorial team.

When you think of scissors, what kind of scissors do you think of?
In our industry, we think of scissors, thread shears, and pinking shears.

These scissors were also called “Rasha Cutting Shears” in the old days. The length of most scissors is 24cm~30cm, and they are divided into three types of production: handmade (Sohi-zukuri), Senteuti, and mass produced.

The origin of Sohi-zukuri is said to be that Mr. Yakichi Yoshida, a sword smith, developed it in the 10th year of Meiji (1877) by utilizing his skills.

A steel plate is heated by a flame of 1,000 degrees Celsius, and steel is placed on the plate, beaten, glued, and forged.
The handle is also made from the same steel plate using only a hammer, so the blade and handle are one piece.
Since the blade and handle are one piece, the blade is strong and the handle is light, which reduces the burden on the hand.

Therefore, the blade can be sharpened repeatedly when it stops cutting, and can be used for 40 to 50 years.
The longer the blade is used, the thinner and shorter it becomes, but its sharpness remains the same as a new one.

In mass-produced products, the body and handle are made separately, and the handle is made in a mold and joined together. The body is not forged as well as the handles, and the amount of steel used is less, so the life of the scissors is shorter.

The quality of the Senteuti is somewhere between handmade and mass-produced. Only the blade is hammered by hand, and the handles are cut out of a mold and welded together. The cost performance is high, but it is not as light and sturdy as the Sohi-zukuri scissors because it is not made by one-piece molding.

The price is also very different, with a regular mass-produced pair costing around 15,000 yen, while a hand-hammered pair will usually cost 35,000 yen or more.
As a side note, some time ago, a 30cm pair of scissors made by the famous Chotaro (Sohi-zukuri) was sold on the Internet for 300,000 yen!!

The following products are not Sohi-zukuri scissors, but rather mass-produced, Japanese-made scissors with sharp cutting edges.
Please give them a try!!


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