In this blog post, we will discuss tie length.
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Standard Tie Lengths in Various Countries

In Japan, traditionally, ties were around 138cm in length until the 1990s, and it wasn’t until the 2000s that ties longer than 140cm began to appear.

In the United States, ties range from 138cm to over 150cm in length, excluding children’s sizes.

In the UK and Italy, the standard length is typically between 146cm to 148cm, with some going as long as 160cm. The 160cm length is not only for tall individuals but also for those who want to create intricate knot styles.

The Reason Behind the 138cm Length

Comparing tie lengths in different countries, you might wonder if Japan’s shorter standard tie length is due to its lower average height. However, when tying more complex knots like the double knot or Windsor knot, 138cm is clearly too short.

Additionally, at 138cm, if a person is 170cm tall and ties a simple single knot, there may be a discrepancy of about 2cm between the tip of the tie and the belt, which can be problematic.

So why was 138cm the standard for so long? The reason is that when cutting the fabric on a bias at a 45-degree angle, this length minimizes waste most effectively.

Defining the Ideal Tie Length

Now, let’s define the ideal tie length. It is twice the distance from the tie’s tip to the bottom of the belt, plus the circumference of the neck. If tying a single knot, add 11cm, and for a double knot, add 22cm. For example, if a person is 170cm tall, estimating a shorter length from the tie’s tip to the waist of pants with a slightly deeper crotch at 43cm, doubling it to 86cm, adding the average neck circumference of 38cm, and then adding 22cm for a classic double knot, the total length comes to 146cm. Windsor knots would require a few extra centimeters.

Considering the average height of Japanese individuals, tie lengths around 144cm to 146cm are the most comfortable.

When ordering a tie, specifying a length that takes into account your height and preferred knot style can be an interesting choice.

In Conclusion

How did you find this information? While it may seem simple, it’s essential to know the correct tie length.

One thing to keep in mind is that the ideal tie length can vary depending on the position of your pants’ waist. Thinking about the tie tip’s position and the waistline of your pants together might expand your options for styling and enjoyment.

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