In the midst of a weakened yen, we want to take this opportunity to reintroduce Japanese fabric brands. While the glossy allure of Italian fabrics or the solid craftsmanship reminiscent of British textiles is commendable, Japanese fabric manufacturers showcase a variety of fabrics utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Explore these offerings as we delve into three prominent textile makers embodying Japan’s textile expertise.

I am Yu Yamamoto, Editor of TAILORS WORLD.

Miyuki Keori

Based in Aichi Prefecture, Miyuki Keori, founded in 1905, stands as a venerable player in Japan’s textile scene. Not only do they produce fabrics, but they also manufacture men’s clothing, featuring ready-made clothing brands. With a self-owned factory in Yokkaichi, Miyuki Keori emphasizes a domestically produced lineup, contributing to regional craftsmanship. For more details, refer to this past blog (link to be inserted).

Highlighting their series lineup, Miyuki Keori offers the TIMELESS CLASSIC series as a staple bunch book. Additionally, they present the FORMAL BUNCH designed for formal occasions and SEASON BUNCH with captivating seasonal trends, including wool denim, cavalry twill, and chino in the CREATIVE LINE. The CONFORT LINE within the seasonal bunch introduces fabrics like natural stretch for active businessmen and C-ZERO with non-fluorine water repellency, showcasing their dedication to functional fabric development.

Kuzuri Keori

Kuzuri Keori, located in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, operates without an official website but maintains a strong Instagram presence. Despite this, a web search reveals numerous tailors introducing Kuzuri Keori fabrics. Under the Dominx brand, they deploy a bunch book using the Shonheru slow weaving machine, involving human hands to create distinctive, handcrafted fabrics. The uniqueness of their fabrics lies in subtle variations, a valuable aspect in modern times, making them ideal for fully handmade suits.


Established in 1850, Kunishima boasts the most extended history among fabric manufacturers in Owari, a renowned woolen goods production area. In 2020, they changed their name from Chugai Kokusanshima Co., Ltd. to Kunishima Co., Ltd., focusing on promoting the KUNISHIMA brand. They offer three primary fabric brands:


Known for high-density fabrics, combining suppleness with high resilience. The collection features a navy-centric color palette.


A tweed collection using exclusively Japanese wool, inspired by natural landscapes, ensuring a commitment to Japanese-sourced materials.


A collection incorporating traditional techniques, such as the advanced wash using the waters of the Kiso River and Nagoya’s traditional shibori dyeing technique. While slightly unconventional compared to regular fabrics, COBO, primarily targeting the global market, is sought after for its unique texture and the essence of Japanese spirit it exudes.


We appreciate your continued readership. In the current fashion landscape, where “quiet luxury” prevails, appreciating the subtle richness and luxurious feel embedded in Japanese fabrics becomes a compelling trend. While not as flashy as Italian fabrics or as varied as British textiles, the charm of Japanese textiles lies in their high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and understated design. Take a moment to explore and appreciate the allure of Japanese fabrics.

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