“Body shape correction” is a term often heard in the world of tailored suits. After all, human beings are not mannequins; we come in various shapes and sizes, each with our unique quirks and features. Body shape correction involves adjusting a garment to cover those quirks and make it look as flattering and comfortable as possible. In this article, we introduce a Japanese shirt factory that specializes in body shape correction, showing that it’s not limited to suits.

I’m Yu Yamamoto from the TAILORS WORLD editorial team.

It’s often said that the closer a garment fits to the body, the more challenging it is to take accurate measurements. Unlike jackets, shirts lack inner structures to shape the body, making it challenging to achieve a clean fit. The Japanese shirt factory run by Yamamoto Corporation, which operates TAILORS WORLD, has been tackling this issue by incorporating the following body shape corrections:

But first, let’s introduce this shirt factory briefly.

Basic Information

Located in Niigata Prefecture, this factory covers an area of 3,000 tsubo (Japanese unit of area measurement), with a building area of 645 tsubo. It is one of Japan’s largest custom shirt factories, producing approximately 111,000 shirts annually.

By introducing standing sewing machines and creating efficient sewing lines, they’ve made it possible to smoothly process each shirt individually. This flexibility allows them to adapt to diverse needs, specifications, materials, production volumes, and delivery times.

Factory Philosophy

◆ Crafting the ultimate shirt tailored to customer requests
◆ A commitment to “MADE IN JAPAN” and innovative craftsmanship
◆ The importance of employee growth and skill enhancement in advancing sewing techniques

Body Shape Corrections

Rounded Shoulders

To correct a rounded back, the factory extends the back width beyond the normal balance, while reducing the chest width and shortening the front length.

Pigeon Chest

For those with a raised chest, the factory increases the chest width while reducing the back width.

Forward Shoulders

They add 1 cm to the front shoulder and remove 1 cm from the yoke side.

Wrinkles on the Back & Sagging Shoulders

To address these issues, they lower the collar line by 0.4 cm and simultaneously lower the yoke section parallelly.

Uneven Shoulders & Sloping Shoulders

The factory raises and lowers the front and back shoulder lines. In the “standard” case, it’s a 0.5 cm adjustment, and in the “strong” case, it’s a 1.0 cm adjustment.

Wider Back & Wider Chest

They adjust the chest and back width from the standard balance. In the “standard” case, it’s a 1.0 cm adjustment, and in the “strong” case, it’s a 2.0 cm adjustment. For instance, if you request a wider chest, they’ll increase it by 1.0 cm while reducing the back by 1.0 cm.


When the collar interferes with the collarbone, they trim the obstructing part to improve the collar’s fit.

Narrower & Wider Sleeves

They adjust the upper arm by 1.0 cm and the lower arm by 1.5 cm, deviating from the standard balance.

Slimmer Sleeves

In addition to narrowing the sleeves, they change the cuffs from the standard 2 pleats to 1 pleat.

Short Neck

To alleviate discomfort caused by a short, thick neck, they lower the base of the stand collar.

Other Unique Features


Leveraging domestic production advantages, they offer quick turnaround times for a wide range of products. They specialize in short delivery times, including the ability to create garments in just 1 week or 1 day.

Compatibility with Various Materials

In addition to lightweight fiber products like shirts, they can accommodate various materials, from custom orders to OEM production.

Extensive Customization Options

Customers can specify measurements for various parts, including bust, waist, length, sleeve length, cuff circumference, elbow width (how much the sleeve rises from the arm), armhole, collar height, length of collar points, cuff width, hem height (both straight and curved), pocket size, and placement (e.g., distance from the front placket). There are numerous options for measurement customization.

In Conclusion

How did you find this information? Custom shirts offer numerous opportunities for personalization.

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